Protect your data, devices, and your family

My Kaspersky opens up more opportunities to secure everything that matters to you.

At any time and from anywhere, you can check the security status, change settings and easily remove security threats.

Your personal data is always at hand

You no longer need to memorize all your different passwords for every website and app you use. You only need to remember one master password.

My Kaspersky securely synchronizes your personal data across all your devices.

Lost or stolen phone protection

Did your Android phone get lost or stolen? Don't panic!

Stay mobile. Be protected. Install a security app so you can lock, wipe and locate your missing phone to keep your data safe.

Always know where your child is

No more worrying about where your children are. Check their location on a map.

You can also find out what your children are doing on the Web in order to better understand them.

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